You are here:--Economic society of tanzania held its first meeting of the governing council on 12 april 2018

Economic society of tanzania held its first meeting of the governing council on 12 april 2018

The 1st Governing Council meeting was held today under the chairmanship of Prof. Benno Ndulu, the President of Economic Society of Tanzania (EST) at REPOA Conference Room.

The Council discussed the EST plans and called for meaningful engagement of all the EST members throughout the year. The activities proposed aim to offer the Society members with information, analysis and opportunity for discussions.

The Governing Council brainstormed on different activities that would be undertaken and their respective sources of funding.

The Council resolved that an Annual Congress be held in every December, where the first day will be occupied with knowledge and discussion activities and the next day with the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The details of the congress will be finalized by mid-May 2018 and members will be encouraged to submit papers for discussions. EST shall also invite renowned economists from around the world to attend and share their knowledge related to economics.

Each EST member is expected to attend at least one congress meeting once in every two years to earn some EST score points.

The Council resolved further that discussions on utilization of the Tanzania Economic Review Journal will be done by EST Management with the Head of Economics Department of the University of Dar es Salaam. The Council envisioned that the proceedings of the Congress will be part of the Journal.

The Council also directed that co-sponsored events in collaboration with organisations undertaking training, research and dialogue, economic seminar series. Each member is expected to attend at least one event per year for EST score points earning. A list of such events will be shared through EST media platforms chiefly the Society’s website.

The Council announced that the Public debate on Industrialization will be held in July 2018.  Event details will be communicated to members at appropriate times.

The Council further discussed the management of database, the needs of the newly acquired office on the 18th Floor at Rita Tower and agreed to have the next meeting on 3rd May 2018to allow for implementation of the proposed activities.

The President of the Governing Council called upon all the Members of EST to come out from every occupation to register with EST as economists and development partners to work with EST in order to assist EST in achieving its short, medium and long term objectives.

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