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The Economic Society of Tanzania (EST) is a non-profit organization of economists and other professionals interested in economics as well as promoting economic research and economic policy advocacy. EST brings together members of the economics profession in academia, research institutes, the government and private sectors and provides a platform for discussions on issues facing the Tanzania economy and the region.

EST was formally launched in 1966 registered as society under The Society Act, Cap 337 and was given registration number SO 5198. The society was inactive since 1998; and it has been revived this year to take its roles. The society membership comprises a pool of Tanzanian professional economists from across the country and abroad.

EST provides a forum for emerging ideas and empirical results of economic research with policy makers, regulators and opinion makers in the United Republic of Tanzania. The primary objective of the society is to raise public awareness, and stimulate public interest and debate in economic issues. It does this by organizing conferences, talks, workshops and public lectures and by conducting studies on issues, either on its own or in partnership with other organizations.

Our Goal

To encourage and promote a high standard of ethics and professional competence in its members.

In order for the society to reach its mission and vision, it has set a number of goals that includes:
  • To encourage and promote a high standard of ethics and professional competence in its members.
  • Foster continuing advanced education in the fields of economics for its members;
  • Provide a common meeting ground for economists of all disciplines on subjects of mutual interest;
  • Promote the work and status of the economics profession in the community
  • Promote professional development researchers at all levels including Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students in academic and nonacademic environments;
  • Encourage entry into and advancement of the field of economics;
  • Promote the application of economics in all fields;
  • Support effective teaching of economics both in Lower level (secondary) up to the university level;
  • Disseminate economic research and other information about economics;
  • Organize public debates on hot economic  issues;
  • Assisting its members to publish policy briefs, working papers and reviewed journal articles;
  • Networking between Tanzanian economists;
  • Collecting and disseminating important economic data to its member and public at large.
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