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Tanzanian Economic Review (TER) is a biannual journal that is published by Department of Economics of the University of Dar es Salaam in collaboration with the Economic Society of Tanzania. TER aims to promote greater understanding of socio-economic factors and processes that influence and shape transformation of developing countries. The Journal is not limited to the Tanzanian Economy, it covers all areas of Economics and Economic Transformation for the developing countries across the world. 

The journal is registered both print and online with the following numbers ISSN (p) 0856-3373 (print) and ISSN L (e) 2507-7740 (electronic/online), respectively. 


The following are the guidelines to authors who would like to send their papers to TER. 

  1. Submit a soft copy of the manuscript to the Chief Editor. Name(s) and addresses of the author(s) should appear only on the cover page to make it easy to send manuscripts anonymously to reviewers.
  2. The cover page should contain only the title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s), their affiliation, and contact address, telephone or fax number and e-mails. The next page should contain the title, abstract of the paper (not more than 200 words) and key words.
  3. Electronic manuscripts should be submitted in two versions; one in PDF and the other in Microsoft Word for Windows. For the PDF version, please submit the cover page and the main manuscript as two separate files.
  4. Authors are held responsible for the accuracy, consistency and completeness of the references. TER follows Harvard referencing style, authors are advised to adhere to that.
  5. All notes should be put at the bottom of the page as footnotes, and should be as brief as possible.
  6. Care should be taken in presenting mathematical expressions. Subscripts and superscripts must be exactly placed and clearly marked. Equation number should be placed at the right margin.
  7. All figures and tables must be clearly and properly marked and labelled, and should be in black and white. TER prefers tables that fit within a page, should you have some relatively longer tables ensure that title row is included in each new page containing same table.
  8. Avoid plagiarising. We test plagiarism for all manuscripts, and strictly, no uptake of any plagiarised manuscripts for TER.
  9. Make the submission directly to the Chief editor by sending an email to



Before each manuscript is finally published in TER, we normally follow the following procedure. 

  1. Each submission is first internally assessed by the Chief Editor, Managing Editors and the Editorial Board Member(s) (i.e. desk review) to judge its suitability for publication (i.e. does it cover topics relevant to the journal’s audience, does the article meet the required writing standard and style, etc.). Once ascertained, then it is sent to the External reviewers, normally two. If not ascertained the manuscript is rejected outright (i.e. desk rejection)
  2. The two independent and anonymous reviewers are given a maximum review period of four weeks (28 days) to revert back, although earlier review is often requested.
  3. Reviewers’ comments and recommendations fall into three main categories namely; reject outright, accept subject to major revisions, and accept subject to minor revisions.
  4. Depending on the recommendations and editors’ assessment, the comments from the two (2) independent reviewers are then communicated to the author(s) who will be required to incorporate and resubmit the revised manuscript along with the response letter containing a detailed account on how each of the comments was addressed.
  5. Resubmitted manuscripts after incorporation of the reviewers’ comments may be sent back to the respective independent reviewers to vet the manuscript by ascertaining that the comments were adequately addressed.
  6. Authors will have responsibility to ensure that their article has undergone all the necessary language and editorial checks before submitting it to the journal.
  7. Once the process is over, the author(s) are sent an acceptance letter indicating the Issue and Volume of TER in which the paper will appear.
  8. At this stage, the editing, typesetting and printing proceed.

WELCOME NOTE The TER Chief Editor welcomes submission of high quality manuscripts from across the world. TER is committed to prompt responses and as quick review process as possible. Submission can be done through: 

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